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During the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic, PM Modi sounded the clarion call for Indians to be "Aatmanirbhar", and buy Made In India products.

But what are the Indian brands making high-quality products, that they give foreign brands a run for their money?

I thought it would be interesting to host a blog which showcases the stories of these Indian companies, which are making us proud.

What is The Vocal Local?

The Vocal Local is an ongoing curation effort by a few individuals who appreciate good, thoughtful design, and are enthusiastic about the idea of Indian brands making high quality products that we can all take pride in.

Hopefully, this helps in promoting the stories of boutique Indian brands reach a larger audience.

What is an Indian Brand?

In our modern, global, inter-connected world, with supply chains spanning across continents, this question is easier asked than answered.

Our perspective is this - a brand is Indian if it has a strong Indian story. Inspired by an Indian connection, started by Indian founders, and made by indigenous workers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Were you sponsored by these brands to cover them?

Oh we wish! But no, not in the least. This idea came out as a hobby project, and our main goal is not to earn revenue through this project, but to actually share more visibility about these Indian companies which are doing a phenomenal job.

Can I recommend a brand that I recently used?

Yes, absolutely! We are always looking to share the stories of more brands and products that match our theme's idea, and would love to hear from you! Please scroll down to fill the form, or simpler, just message us on our Instagram page.

I would like my product/brand to be listed on this blog.

That's great! We hope you are building a high-quality Indian product that has delighted your users. Please scroll down to fill the form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You could also message us on our Instagram page.

How did you find the brands and products that you have listed?

We like to experiment with things that we buy and use, and had been bookmarking these companies since a while now. Eventually, the curation become so good, that we felt we should share it with more people, and that's how this blog came into existence!

We're always looking for suggestions about which brands to cover!

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