Probably the best cakery online.

Boasting of a roster of delicacies made with the finest ingredients, Amintiri is a premium online cakery that specialises in customised cakes.

With a ‘perfect balance of taste and texture’, every bite of these luscious cakes promise the crunch of butterscotch or the nutty goodness of fruit or better still, the gooey tanginess of juicy berries... Although the bakery is slightly lean on options when it comes to miscellaneous patisserie and desserts, the oodling varieties of tempting Loaf cakes and Celebration cakes make up for missing goods and are sure to transport you in a sinfully sweet fantasy.

Tiramisu Cake

We have personally ordered cakes from there for multiple birthdays, and other occasions, and some times for no good reason but to have some amazing cake. And we don't remember ever being disappointed. Tiramisu, Tres Leches, Baileys Irish Cream, and Blackberry & Mascarpone Entremet are some of the ones that we've tried and we whole-heartedly recommend every single one of these!

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