Bamboo Tribe

Soft, breathable, fine clothing made from bamboo.

Bamboo Tribe is a sustainable clothing brand that aims to preserve the environment by creating long-lasting and high-quality clothes made from eco-friendly bamboo fabric.

It's not for no reason that bamboo is called a "wonder grass", and a "superplant for the future". Anyone who has ever seen bamboo grow will know that the plant can suddenly shoot up by many feets in a growth spurt, in the matter of a few days. Also the fact that bamboo absorbs 30% more CO2 than many trees - due to its rapid growth - and it's easy to understand why bamboo as a material is being researched by those trying to manufacture sustainable products.

But not many of us know that some varieties of Bamboo can also be utilized to make fabric - and it takes around ONE THIRD of water compared to cotton, to manufacture the same amount of cloth! Bamboo Tribe, founded by IIM grad Madhavi Das, is making a push for adoption of bamboo based clothes in India.

Bamboo clothes are extremely soft - unless you've tried one, it's hard to actually get a full sense of this. They're also very quick to dry, and hence are a great natural alternative to artificial active-wear clothes.

Designed to last longer than usual, Bamboo Tribe has an elegant line of tops and tees suitable for both men and women. For women, they also have a collection of tank tops and leggings. Bamboo Tribe has also made appreciable efforts into making their packaging sustainable - we got our order delivered in reused jute bag, with not an ounce of plastic.

If you like solid colours and are looking for comfortable clothes to lounge while you work from your home, we highly recommend you try on a bamboo tee, and replace some of your cotton clothes with bamboo.

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