Curators of Clay

Gorgeous glazed ceramics for the new-age home, with an Indian touch.

Curators of Clay is an Indian brand based in the villages near Pune that produces handcrafted glazed clay products from start to finish - including preparing the clay and making the glaze for their products.

Boasting of an exquisite finish and an extravagant Indian-ness, these clay products are suitable for everyday use in addition to being microwave safe and dishwasher compliant. From gorgeous bowls to pots and pans with lids, sleek bottles and tea cups, to decorative plates and tumblers, you can pick and choose across a plethora of designs and options. You can have a look at their extensive collection of products and can place an order online to be shipped anywhere in the country.

The curators launch a limited set of products each month, and they typically get sold out within the first few days - so make a note to check them out during the first week of each month!

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