Kalchi Spreads

Ready-to-Eat Spreads, Dips and Sauces inspired from authentic Indian curries.

Kalchi is a line of assorted curry spreads, dips and sauces, the recipes for which are inspired from traditional Indian curries. 

Timeless recipes from the age-old Indian kitchens and cultures have been procured to convert them into appetizing ready-to-eat spreads. Other than being a blast of authentic Indian flavors and spices for the palette, the garden fresh products are also safe, affordable and extremely nutritious. In addition to that, the recipes have been handcrafted and the spreads are made from natural ingredients thus, exempting them from artificial flavours and preservatives. The pre-cooked curry spreads, dips and sauces can save you from the hassle of cooking an entire meal and at the same time you can enjoy a well-balanced meal of flavours and nutrition.

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