Paul & Mike

Fine flavoured, delicious vegetarian chocolates.

Paul & Mike is a premium chocolate brand that manufactures a range of chocolates made from fine cocoa, real fruits and nuts, and real floral distillates.

Made from honest ingredients and vegan products, the rich sweetness of P&M chocolates are sure to appease all you chocoholics out there. Besides, the chocolate is also free of white sugar and has no added artificial flavours.

What makes Paul & Mike distinctly Indian, is the interesting assortment of flavours that they have curated - Sitaphal, Jamun and Alphonso Mango are just some of their authentically Indian flavours, which is why it was a no-brainer that they had to be on our list!

What’s more? These come in attractive packages that uses zero plastic waste while packaging and shipping these products. They also promise to be carbon positive in the next few years, so every chocolate bar that you're buying right now, is actually making our environment better.

So, place your orders online now to enjoy a whole bar of delicious chocolaty goodness. We have personally tried the Sichuan Pepper, Alphonso, Rose and Sitaphal flavours and absolutely recommend all of these, and can't wait to try out the rest of the flavours!

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