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Shasn Board Game

Board game of politics, ethics and strategy.

Shasn Board Game is a board game of politics and ethics, where you plot your way through the game to achieve political majority on a map.

The game progresses by asking you to answer questionable, ethical questions over a period of time -often making you choose uncomfortable options - on the path to winning. The gameplay is interrupted by "Conspiracies" and "Events" which add some degree of randomization to the game.

The core game board

Started in 2018, Shasn got extremely popular in niche board games circles, and gained a lot of interested. However, due to the political nature of the game, and the general elections not too far, publishers refused to produce the game. This led the makers to host it as a Kickstarter project, where it got wild support from board game enthusiasts!

We got our board delivered in June 2021 - a long delay due to COVID. But the game, as well as the high production quality, totally makes up for the delay.
What makes the game truly unique is the high level of effort and planning that has been taking into designing the game.

The questions are very Indian in context, feel very relatable, and make you question the current state of politics.
In the extended version, the game also ships with a US version, where the questions reflect the ongoing tussles between the extreme right and the extreme left in the US.

A couple of other interesting variations are:

- Roman Society: In the BCs, where the expectations of ethics and science are almost totally reversed

- Future of Humanity: Where humans find themselves in a world cohabitated by robots, and universal income / robot rights take centre attention.

Having played several rounds of games, including with a couple of additional rules, we can safely vouch for all aspects of the game. The interesting questions are what will certainly draw the most attention to prospective buyers, but the mechanisms of the game in itself are exceptionally well designed as well.

The makers of Shasn are also making us proud by exporting the game to USA / UK / Europe - possibly the first major board game from India to be exported? Truly a well deserved entry on our blog! 

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